As the year draws to a close, I want to begin this final – and very special – 2018 update with a heartfelt thanks to you and all our supporters.


With exciting new programmes like LEAD and Women in Rail, new initiatives including masterclasses and awards, and new colleagues joining the team, 2018 has undoubtedly been our best year yet, and we couldn’t have done it without you. These successes and more, which you can read about below, have made me an even more passionate advocate for the power of structured mentoring to effect meaningful change. And have strengthened my belief in storytelling and research as our key drivers of change.

Yet, when it comes to diversity and inclusion, there is no silver bullet. Indeed, Cranfield University’s July report into the number of women occupying the most senior executive positions in FTSE companies indicates that there is still much work to be done. So, as we move into the festive period, the Moving Ahead team and I will be focusing on resting and reflecting, so we can support you in advancing your mission for diversity, development and inclusion with renewed energy and focus next year. 


Wishing you a wonderful break.

Liz Dimmock

Founder and CEO, Moving Ahead and Women Ahead

The second year of the Actuarial Mentoring Programme (AMP) has been given a boost by the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP.


“It is great to see so many senior champions advocating mentoring and diversity across the actuarial profession.”

These words from Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, MP and Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, perfectly underline the power of AMP. In a letter to the programme’s organisers, she lent her support to the programme, which launched for the second year in November. AMP is a partnership between Moving Ahead and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. It is sponsored by Pension Insurance Corporation.

The actuarial industry’s first 

cross-company mentoring scheme, 

AMP matches talented female actuaries with senior male and female leaders from another organisation in a nine-month mentoring relationship. The cross-company element means that mentees benefit from a fresh perspective, with their mentor bringing different skills, experience and expertise to the partnership. Nearly 100 people took part in last year’s inaugural programme, with 

many more joining this year.

“We know there is still a lack 

of diversity at the top of the financial 

services sector, including the actuarial profession,” Nicky Morgan said. “I am sure that AMP will play a key part in changing that.” Indeed. Female actuaries leave the profession 13 years earlier than their male counterparts, despite near parity of numbers at junior levels. This leads to a loss of talent and a lack of diversity at senior levels, something many organisations are 

seeking to remedy.

Here at 

Moving Ahead, we share Nicky’s enthusiasm: “Congratulations to everyone involved in AMP and good luck for year two.”

This nine-month scheme costs £3,000 for up to ten colleagues (five mentors and five mentees). There are also 10 spaces reserved for actuaries working for smaller firms or seeking employment.

To find out more, or be part of the 2019 programme, please contact:



From mentoring programmes to events, awards and masterclasses, there are even more ways to get involved with Moving Ahead and Women Ahead this year. See what’s coming up that your organisation might want to get involved with…






Going from strength to strength, the 30% Club’s  cross-company mentoring programme is now the world’s largest cross-company scheme. Women Ahead are honoured to be designing and managing this special programme.


Having entered its sixth year, it has been supported by more than 6,500 mentors and mentees from 183 of the UK’s leading organisations. It’s a proven, powerful and practical way to develop female and male talent pipelines.

The 2018/19 programme launched at the Barbican on 11th October 2018. Dame Katherine Grainger took to the stage as keynote speaker alongside 30% Club founder Dame Helena Morrissey and Global Chair, Brenda Trenowden CBE. This year is the largest yet with 108 participating companies and 2,346 mentors and mentees.

For more information about next year’s event, please contact:



and how to get your organisation signed up.

To be part of the campaign, contact:

Our Speaker Academy supporters are found on stages all over the country – they are particularly vocal in their support of International Women’s Day.


That’s why for International Women’s Day on 8th March 2019 – we’re bringing them all to one stage with a unique TED-style event at London’s Barbican. The theme is ‘Ambition’, so expect fascinating stories from leaders, authors and experts, including Dame Helena Morrissey, specially curated to inspire new thinking, dialogue and collaboration on this important topic.


As a sign of our commitment to developing leaders from schoolroom to boardroom, the event will be live-streamed to schools and organisations across the country. A £2k contribution grants you access to the talks for colleagues to watch at their desks or at internal events, as well as five guest passes for the event itself. There are also opportunities to support the event as a partner.

To find out more, contact:




We love hearing stories 

about great mentoring and what 

better way to celebrate them than with 

an awards programme?


Our inaugural Moving Ahead National Mentoring Awards will launch next October (2019) in the week leading up to National Mentoring Day on 27th October. We will gather to celebrate spotlight those striving and creating change through mentoring.

To find out more or to sponsor 

an award, contact:

The first group of senior female leaders recently retreated to the Cotswolds to kick off our first nine-month cross-company, cross-sector, immersive leadership development programme.

Designed by Women Ahead’s, Charlotte Monico, (Google’s former EMEA Head of People Development) this unique LEAD programme gives female leaders bespoke tools and support.  “What we’re offering here is very different,” says Charlotte.  “Every participant identifies their own development goal. We give them the provocation, stimulus and support to work on it.  Every journey looks completely different. And, the thing I’m most proud of is the world-class faculty we’ve built to support participants with their individual journeys.”










A second cohort will start in May 2019. We will also be offering an internal version of LEAD for organisations.

To find out more download our LEAD brochure


Discover how Mission INCLUDE could help your organisation work across the traditional silos of gender, race and sexuality, and also encompass broader diversity indicators that focus on the individual, not the label.

For more information contact:



We’re bringing our latest research report,  ‘A well new world’, to life, this Winter.


First out the blocks is our wellbeing survey, designed and delivered to help organisations consider and deliver best in class wellbeing strategies and solutions. Next, a line manager wellbeing and inclusion toolkit, to enable and empower these pivotal employees to unlock wellbeing and foster inclusion.

You can read our A well new world’ report here



Are you holding an internal event and looking for an inspirational speaker? Then look no further than our Speaker Academy

Called ‘the Power of Story’, the event brought together speakers Dame Helena Morrissey, Patsy Rodenberg OBE, Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE, Simon Arrowsmith and Jaco Van Gass to discuss how stories create inclusion, shared understanding and positive role modelling.

You don’t have to be involved in any of our mentoring programmes to book one of our amazing speakers. See their showreels here or to see some of them in action take a look at an event Google hosted earlier this year.

To discuss booking a speaker from our Academy for your next event, contact:




Starting in March and running throughout 2019, these one-day workshops allow you to gain access to learn from our world-class expert faculty.  Simply select a workshop and book the number of places you’d like on it.  £565 with a 20% discount when booking more than four people onto a workshop or booking more than four workshops.

How to map your career and develop the network strategy and skills you need to get there. Led by career coach and expert, Kate Howlett.  Kate helps others win by helping them; determine their worth; understand the importance of story, and; get on the front foot with social media. Find out more about Kate

How to flex your feedback muscles.

Led by learning and change expert, Beth Stallwood.  Beth helps others develop the techniques, skills and mindset to seek, process and share feedback. In this practical session, delegates learn how to utilise feedback to supercharge their strengths and become a brilliant leader by sharing feedback with others.  

Find out more about Beth

How to develop your presence and impact.

Led by voice, presence and impact expert and author, Patsy Rodenburg OBE.  Patsy works with people to release their true voice allowing them to reclaim their presence by working with the body, breath, voice and speech.

To play showreel

How to develop your voice, your words, your story.

Led by voice, presence and impact expert and author, Patsy Rodenburg OBE.  Patsy helps uncover the language and structure people need to share their ideas and tell their story with full force.

To play showreel

How to get the best out of your children and anyone else for that matter. Led by parenting expert, Rachel Vecht. Rachel offers practical communication tools for getting people really listening and talking.  Invaluable in a personal or professional setting. Find out more about Rachel

How to craft and share your leadership story to create the Communication Edge. Led by storytelling expert, Simon Arrowsmith.  In this practical masterclass, Simon provides the tools to help leaders discover their story and harness its power to tell it in ways that connects with others. Find out more about Simon

How to future proof your skillset through everyday creativity. Led by creativity and innovation expert, Kirk Vallis.  Creativity is vital to the future of work but what is it and how do we make it an everyday practice? Kirk’s interactive session gives people the tools and confidence they need to be creative every single day.

To play showreel

How to be a corporate athlete.

Led by Olympic and corporate performance expert, Ash Wallace. Ash helps others be the best they can be at home and work by exploring everyday nutrition, sleep, movement and mindset patterns.

How to create a positive mindset.

Led by Olympic performance psychologist and Chimp Paradox expert, Dr Kate Goodger. A positive mindset is the basis for better performance, better health and better living.  Kate introduces the mechanics behind mindset and overcoming the challenges to building a positive one.

To find out more contact:

To play showreel

To play showreel

We are reaching around the world with a partnership in Sydney and a mentoring programme for high-potential women.

It’s official – a founding partnership with Audi Australia will see Women Ahead’s signature cross-company mentoring programme launching in Sydney.

“Audi is delighted to work 

with Women Ahead to generate positive change in an industry which has traditionally been male-dominated,” says Zena Boakes, Chief Human Resources Officer at Audi Australia. “We see the enrichment of our team with a growing number of women in senior roles as a tremendous opportunity for the individuals involved, as well as for the future success of the Audi business 

in Australia.”






Aiming to ‘balance the pyramid at all levels’, it will support high-potential women within Audi Australia by matching them with male and female mentors from other organisations.

The programme speaks to Audi’s #DriveProgress initiative, which strives to spark a more inclusive conversation with Audi’s audience. The cross-company element empowers individuals to explore outside the automotive industry and beyond their current environments. Bolstering personal development and experience, it will facilitate the development of strong female talent in some of the best organisations in the country.

We hosted a special showcase event on 29th November 2018, for organisations to learn more. The programme will launch in Spring 2019 and run for nine months. It will encompass learning and networking events. Registration is still open to businesses that have operations or offices in the Sydney area.

To find out more contact:

On 7th August, colleagues and supporters of Women Ahead and Moving Ahead came together to recognise and celebrate four years of the small but mighty social impact organisation.

“I set out solo but the journey over the last four years has been anything but solo,” says Founder and CEO, Liz Dimmock.

The team has worked with more than 10,000 mentors and mentees, from more than 260 organisations, including many FTSE-100 companies, the Armed forces and Government.

“It has been an honour and 

a privilege to have worked with such amazing people. I like to think we’re a growth mindset organisation and thanks to our clients and colleagues, we’re learning and growing all the time. It’s a true collaboration between us, those who support us and those striving for change. We all have the same goal, for a more inclusive and diverse world.” 

Liz Dimmock



One of the things Moving Ahead and Women Ahead prides itself on is its highly practical robust research. September marked one-year since the publication of ‘Turning the gender diversity dial’. This report, supported by Deloitte, found that effective mentoring is not only turning the gender dial in the workplace, it is paving the way for a more inclusive, connected and diverse workforce.

Download a copy of the report here

We asked Moving Ahead’s Founder, Liz Dimmock, for her take on the subject a year on:

“Over the past year, I’ve noticed organisations getting creative with their approach to mentoring.”

“Many are now exploring broader inclusion beyond strands of diversity. This suggests to me that in tackling gender diversity, as a business community and society we can create an environment for everyone to feel welcome, respected and to fulfil their potential.”



The Women Ahead and Moving Ahead team is growing and we’re always on the lookout for committed and values-driven colleagues to help us work towards our goal of a more inclusive society.

If you love the idea of working with us or know someone who might be please do spread the word. Or as part of your personal development why not explore the possibility of a secondment to us with your current employer?

To talk more about joining us, contact:




You can buy the book here

Dame Helena Morrissey’s ‘Good time to be a girl’ is a gentle manifesto for gender diversity in the corporate world by the 30% Club’s Founder and Moving Ahead speaker. 


The mother of nine, who has reached the highest echelons of the City believes women shouldn’t have to copy men to get on but should be free to succeed in their own way.

“For women 

who want to smash 

down the boardroom door, this is a 

terrific read.” 

The Guardian



This year we’re excited to be working for the first time with The R&A on a cross-company mentoring scheme and supporting their new Women in Golf Charter.  The R&A, based at St Andrews, engages in and supports activities undertaken for the benefit of the sport of golf.  


Launched at the Shard in May 2018, the Women in Golf Charter is a powerful campaign for the future of golf because, despite ongoing efforts, the game remains predominantly played and managed by men. This is having a direct and devastating effect on uptake – the age of the average golf club member recently jumped from 54 to 58 in a single year. The Charter is seeking organisations within the golf industry to pledge their support to the Charter. Later this year to help Charter signatories activate their commitments, Moving Ahead is launching its first global cross-company mentoring scheme with the R&A to increase and advance the number of women participating and working in golf. Anyone wanting to find out more about the Charter should click here or to find out about the industry’s first cross company mentoring programme, email

Santander Breakthrough launched their external ‘Women Business Leaders’ Mentoring Programme’ this month . 


Santander Breakthrough launched their external ‘Women Business Leaders’ Mentoring Programme’ in November. This is a first of its kind mentoring programme for us, which is aimed at the next generation of fast-growth female entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to start sharing their stories. If you know a woman with her own business and think she might benefit from a mentor or you are keen to use your business experience to become a mentor on next year’s programme please email

Women in Rail is an exciting new cross-company mentoring partnership for us with Network Rail for men and women in the rail industry.


We are delighted to be partnering with Women in Rail to deliver this programme. We’ve just hosted a hugely successful showcase event. If you are interested in joining the programme, launching in 2019, contact

The Guardian and The Phoenix Group on internal mentoring schemes to develop diversity and talent. 


The Guardian is on a mission to achieve 50:50 gender balance in the top half of their organisation in the next five years. One of the initiatives introduced to help them deliver on that is an offer of mentoring to all women. The Guardian’s CEO, David Pemsel, is an avid supporter of mentoring.

Now he’s paying that forward by acting himself as a mentor to a woman within his own organisation. He believes that in business time, energy and resource are in short supply and should only be put into those things that really matter. “This really matters,” David concludes. To find out more about developing a bespoke internal mentoring scheme with us for your organisation contact

“I’ve had a mentor since taking over as CEO at the Guardian. This was my first time leading a business - I couldn’t have gotten through these last three years without my mentor.”

David Pemsel

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